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    -I finished this translation a week ago, and remember uploading it... but when i checked today... it wasn't...? Really sorry guys. Be sure to contact admin if something is not up in time.

    There must be at least 300 skeletons that’s on the ground. If I had to knock them down one by one… that would’ve been one hell of an annoying job.

    By the way….

    I think I’m about done. Should I look into it?

    I went out to where all the bones were scattered, and began moving them around. Damn. How could there be so many damn bones?

    I wonder if any of their weapons could be of use?

    “Let’s see….”

    I lifted up the weapons and the armors, but they were all corroded.

    “There’s nothing here that I can use.”

    Out of disappointment, I got up and began walking through the passage. Could it have been over an hour? I finally got through it. Once I did, I found myself in an underground-like area.

    This place was 3 meters high up and it was so wide that I couldn’t even put a number on it.
    So, this is where the Skeleton warriors were coming from?

    I looked around to get a clear idea of where I was at. All sides were blocked off and I could see a single staircase leading down somewhere.

    “Is that…”
    Honestly, I didn’t have anywhere else to go to but down there.

    I activated the Steel Body Technique as I was heading down just in case something pops out at me. But, nothing show up.

    When the stairs ended, and a big open exit showed up I could see some kind of strong light shining through.
    A light?

    When that thought crossed me, I saw an interesting scenery.

    The ceiling appears to be about 100 meters high with something at the top making light.

    The sides were extremely wide with 4 other beams like the ones from the staircase. That makes 5 including mine.

    What is this place? Is this the end?

    There was a place with a sword drawn, a bow, a dagger, and one with a staff.

    The place I came from had a drawing with a hand and a light.

    What is this?

    As soon as I asked myself that question, I automatically began thinking of something stupid.

    “A warrior, an archer, a thief, a magician, and a priest… aren’t these the five classes?”

    I knew it was stupid, but it really did look like it. This is… party formation, isn’t it?

    In RPG games, there are parties that consists of these classes.

    A warrior, a magician, and a priest is the perfect example.

    There will be parties with a thief or an archer from time to time, but that’s the typical formation in a 3 member party.

    What do they want me to doa bout this.

    “Wait… by a co-op combat…”

    This is what they wanted to tell me. They want us to meet her, and go fight somewhere else together, isn’t it? Sigh… they really do know how to annoy people.

    Dumbfounded, I was staring off into the sky when I heard something. It was in the area where the staff was drawn.

    There, a girl was standing there. She was wearing a biker’s suit. A suit that sticks to their body like latex, and she even had protective gear on her. I couldn’t see her face because of the helmet she had on either. What I
    could see was her body. She had some big boobs.

    Wow, she’s just like Hye-Won…

    As I was thinking, the girl was removing her helmet. I wonder who was underneath it? Let’s see what her ranking number is…


    That… that’s.

    That’s Hye-Won!

    While I was surprised and searching for words to spit out, Hye-Won walked towards me. She bowed her head.

    What’s up with you? Did something happen to you in a day we haven’t seen each other?

    “Thank you.”

    “Huh? for what?”

    She looked at me when she lifted her head. No expression.

    “If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be alive right now. I really want to thank you for what you did.”

    Ah… so that’s what she was talking about. It looks like she took my advice to heart.

    “It’s fine. What matters is that you’re alive. So… what ability did you raise?”

    “Increased my magic limit, magic recovery and such. .. Fire magic tend to use my stamina once my magic depletes.”

    “So, I’m guessing it doesn’t bother you now?”


    “that’s great to hear. You got here defeating all the Skeleton warriors too?”

    What? is the expression I saw on Hye-Won’s face.

    “You didn’t fight Skeleton warriors before you ended up here? I had to face like 300 of them.”

    “Nope. I came to a staircase, and once I got down… I was here.”


    What the hell is going on? Why did I have to face all those god damn Skeleton warriors?”
    “Is this discrimination…”

    The guy who created this game… just what in the world does he do? Whatever. It’s not like it matters anymore.

    I heard a noise.

    It was coming from where the Bow was drawn. Hye-Won was looking in that direction as well. On it, some slender girl appeared.

    She had on a white short-sleeved shirt with a black leggings.

    That looks comfortable to move around in.

    She wore boots without heels, and had a bow in her hands. I could she the long black hair hanging down to her shoulders with cold eyes. Should I say they look like cat-eyes? Her body wasn’t up to par with Hye-Won, but she didn’t look like a pushover either.

    I see.

    Hye-Won was the magician, and that girl was the archer. If I’m the priest, then who are the other two?
    The warrior and the thief?

    A warrior has got to be stronger than me, right? It is a warrior class after all. In that thought, I placed my sight on the archer.

    She was aiming it towards me.



    What the hell is she doing?

    “Aiming your arrow at someone you’ve just met? What in the world do you think you’re doing?”

    I stared at her with a pissed off look. She returned the favor.

    “What are you trying to do?”

    “I don’t know who you are. I can’t trust you.”

    “What the hell is this now?”

    “Some random guy tried to rape me in the other round. If it wasn’t for the fire… I wouldn’t be here.”

    Fire? wait…

    “The mountain fire? the one… where the zombies appeared?”

    She nodded.

    “I didn’t know there were people int hat fire…”

    I set that fire in the woods… I guess people could’ve died. A warrior and the thief.


    “I am Yoon-Hwan Jung. Her name is Hye-Won Lee. Me and Hye-Won fought together in the woods. Okay, then. What’s your name?”

    “Yoon-Ji Han.”

    “Alright, Yoon-Ji Han, do you know what our objectives are this time?

    “A co-op combat.”

    “Then what are we supposed to be doing?”

    She kept staring at me without saying anything.


    4 fireballs appeared near Hye-Won.

    Wow, that’s nice.

    “That arrow, get it away from that ahjusshi.”
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