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  1. **1/2 uploads, as promised with Steve089's donation."

    It was surprising to see Hye-Won speak with anger in her voice. And just like that, the girl lowered her bow.

    "I'm sorry for aiming my arrow at you. I apologized "

    She bent over in a 90 degree angle to bow her head to show her apologetic gesture. Talk about a change in attitude! After she bowed, she straightened her back at looked at Hye-Won and I

    "My name is Yoon-Ji Han. As you can see, I use bows"

    "Talk about flipping a 180..."

    "I told you. I can't trust people. But ....I had a feeling that I could trust you judging by how this girl was protecting you."

    "That makes me feel much better. Ah.. I can be talk casually with you, right? I'm 25 years old."

    "I'm younger than you so do as you please."

    "Alright, then... should I start with the details?"

    "You know what's going on?"

    "I know something."

    I shrugged. I pointed at the pillar with writings on them.

    "That's the hint. You see the bow from where you exited out of, the shining hand where I exited from, and the staff where she came from?"

    "What about it?"

    "It's telling us about each ability. You're an archer. She's a magician. I'm a paladin. What you see there is a thief and a warrior. We're supposed to form a team to fight enemies, hence the mission, co-op combat."

    "A guess?"

    "Yes, but with a high probability"

    She looks at the the pillar after having heard what I said. Then, she looked my way and nodded.

    "Sounds like you're right but... I think the one who was supposed to be the warrior died by the zombies.

    What are we going to do now?"

    "What else. We have to wait for the time being. They'll do something about it."

    Because that's what they've done all this time.

    Then it happened.

    "Hey, is this the right way to be going?"

    "I don't see any other routes to take."


    Her voice strained of concerns. It was only logical considering how she saw the warrior get killed. Two people walked out. Two?

    From what I could make out, they appeared to be two well-built teenagers who are still in high school. One was thinner than the other, but they both stood tall at 175 cm. One was in school uniform while the other was wearing plain jeans and t shirt.

    That's not all.

    The thin one had circular shield with a diameter of 60 cm and a sword that was about 70 cm long, yet fairly wide.

    On the other hand, the bigger guy had a long sword that was about 1 meter in length which took both hands to wield.

    what, high schoolers are coming along now?

    Wait, Hye-Won is also a high schooler so I really can’t say anything.


    The thin one stopped after taking a glance at me, Hye-Won, and Yoon-Ji. What the hell is this? was the look he had on his face.

    He’s not the only one who was confused.

    How the hell did two people come out of the warrior pillar?

    “uh, there, hello.”

    Bowed. The thin one bowed to us, and the other one as well. But none of us acknowledged their greeting.

    That’s when the big one hung his weapon by his waist and asked a question while scratching his head.

    “So….what is this place?”

    They don’t know what this place is? I was starting to question them.

    “My name is Jung-Yoon Hwan…. what are your names?”

    Names should be the first thing that I needed to know.

    “Uh… I’m Sung-Hwan Kim. This here is Sung-Jin Park.”

    “Sung-Hwan Kim and Sung-Jin Park? How many times did you two go to the white room?”

    “That white room?”

    “Yes, the white room.”

    “Uh…you’re talking about that first place, right?

    I nodded.

    As soon as I nodded, the big one frowned as if something was wrong. Thin one did as well.

    “I think it’s our first?


    “A noobie….”

    As I was mumbling to myself, Yoon-Ji looked at me in a strange way while she said something to me.

    “Don’t you think it’s because of what you did to that forest?”

    It wasn’t a nice tone.

    “I think that’s the reason for what happened. Including the one who was trying to assault you as well.”

    And, I returned fire to her.

    “He was a warrior.”

    She kept on talking with a small grin on her face. So that’s what it was. He must’ve got killed because of me.

    Well, that god for that. At least now I wouldn’t have to worry about going around with a scumbag.

    “Good thing he died. Cooperating with a scumbag like that wouldn’t be good for the team.”

    “You, were you with some kind of special ops command?”

    “No, not at all.”

    “You’re rather too calm about this…”

    “It’s just how I am.”

    I propped up my shoulders as I responded to Yoon-Ji. She smiled towards me.

    Hye-Won came to stand beside me.

    “Oh my, look how you guys are fighting now. I’m jealous.”

    “If you’re jealous, you should do well to earn trust. By the way… you two.”

    Two stood there looking like they had no idea what the hell was going on around them.

    “You two are fucked.”



    They had no idea what I said. I mean, who could? Who could understand when someone says that they’re fucked the first time they meet them?

    “To put things simply… you two just got kidnapped.”
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