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  1. **2/2 uploads, as promised with Steve089's donation."

    Two stood there looking like they had no idea what the hell was going on around them.

    “You two are fucked.”



    They had no idea what I said. I mean, who could? Who could understand when someone says that they’re fucked the first time they meet them?

    “To put things simply… you two just got kidnapped.”

    Their faces turned white from what I just said.


    “I’m not sure of the details but you’ll be dragged here to fight with those things in your hands every morning at 2. Got it?”

    I pointed at their weapons with my finger. They followed with their eyes.

    “Wait. Wait a minute. What did you just say? Fight? Who? With this?”

    Right when he was asking questions, it happened.


    There was a loud noise as the ground began splitting apart. Then, a starcase that lead underground appeared.

    “You’re both students, aren’t you?”

    “What? Yes.”

    “Do you like games?”

    They looked like they had no idea what the hell I was talking about.

    “In games… there are monsters. What are you going to do if you see one coming at you?”

    “Huh? W, wait… do you mean…?”

    The thin one began stuttering as he spoke.

    “You’ll see them soon enough.”

    As I was finishing up, something happened.


    A white wall appeared around us. That stupid white wall I’ve seen so much. There was something written on it.

    Fourth test
    Co-op combat – Basement Labyrinth of Death
    1P for every enemy killed
    entrance time limit – 10 minutes
    death upon failed entrance

    “They’re pushing us in. Hye-Won, let’s go. Throw your helmet away while you’re at it. It’s going to block your view.”

    Hye-Won listened to what I had said, and took off her helmet before tossing it to the side. She came to my side as we walked towards the entrance.

    The mysterious Yoon-Ji came close to us.

    “I can go with you since it’s co-op, right?”

    “Whatever you want.”

    “Being a bit too casual, aren’t you?”

    “Does it bother you?”

    “hehe, can I, oppa?”

    “Are you a con artist?”

    “How could you ask that?”


    We headed down the stairs while exchanging some empty words.

    I raised my hand to make light since there wasn’t anything around down there.

    “Basic Divine Light.”

    Light began shining from my head. I also made it so light was coming off my clothes as well.

    “Oppa, you’re a holy man, aren’t you?”

    “Yup, I’m a paladin.”

    “Heh, that’s interesting…”

    “There’s going to be lots of interesting things you’ll see happening, so don’t get too excited.”

    I turned my head after that.

    “Hey, you guys! come on, hurry up. Don’t blame me if you end up dying up there.”

    I’m not much of a righteous person, but I also didn’t want their deaths hanging over my head.

    I yelled my words before I left them behind.

    When it was just Hye-Won, I did everything I could to help her out but…. I could see how difficult it was
    going to be taking care or watching after those guys. No, it was just like this. I saved Hye-Won somehow,
    but some random warrior whom I’ve never seen before ended up dying before making it here.

    Those two there has to be the replacements for the warrior who died earlier.

    But I wonder why there are two warriors? What happened to the thief class?

    I kept making my steps as these thoughts lingered.

    Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud.

    Four people followed after me. Hye-Won was right behind me and Yoon-Ji was right after her. Behind her,
    was the two high schooler noobies.

    We ended up walking down the stairs for a long time. I believe it was around 15 minutes when we approached the exit.

    Of course, the exit was full of darkness so we couldn’t make out anything. But when I approached, the light coming from my head and clothes made it better.

    “This is…”


    Hye-Won commented as he followed behind me. I agreed with what she had said.

    We couldn’t see anything above us. All we could see was the area around us.

    This is bad…

    We’d be at a disadvantage if we were to fight here.

    I crouched to place my hand on the ground.

    “Basic Divine Light.”


    Light shined from the ground. I took few steps away and made the same move.

    “You can use this on the ground?”


    “hmm. Now… this is interesting. I wonder if I should learn it too.”

    “Don’t bother. Just keep adding on to what you learned in the beginning.”

    “Will that be better?”

    “I’m not entirely, but don’t you think so?”

    I placed my 5th light on the ground, while giving half-assed advice to her.

    Thud. Thud. Thud.

    Something was walking towards us. I stoop up immediately and tightly gripped my flail.

    “it’s the enemy.”

    Now that I think about it… I should’ve bought a shield. I was too caught up in buying skills, that I totally
    forgot about the basics.

    Regretting, I placed my hand in my Holy bag in search of what I bought with me.

    Nail gun.

    This is effective against enemies that’s between 10~20 meters within radius.

    Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud.

    Same footsteps got louder. Or, should I say there’s a lot more now?

    “Everyone to the pathway.”

    we began looking all over the area.

    “The entrance has disappeared!”

    “What are we going to do? Sung-Hwan, what are we going to do?”

    “Shut up!”

    The sounds coming from the back made me frown. It’s their first time… I guess it can’t be helped.

    Damn it.

    “Hye-Won and miss Yoon-Ji?”

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