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  1. Look at this."

    I showed her the wound on my arm. Her eyes were getting bigger and bigger as she looked at my arm. She was definitely surprised.

    Well, I would be too if I didn't know about my wound healing so fast.

    "H, How."

    "Because I acquired a skill that's related to this. So, don't worry about me."

    Although it takes couple of hours for my wounds to fully heal, the bleeding would stop and scabs would form on top of it within a matter of minutes.

    "Have you forgotten that I'm a Paladin? I have other skills that heal besides this."

    All the tiresome that was stowed away inside me had washed off like sand from water. Even the pain and sore muscle aches disappeared, leaving way for rejuvenation.

    Hah. This...should be called the God's miracle.

    Before I sat back up, I checked the remaining amount of my Divine Power.

    I had only used the Divine Light on my head and pants while passing through the pathway. Thanks to that, about 85% had recovered.

    With this much... I shouldn't be worried about anything.

    But...let me rest a bit more. My body is no longer tired thanks to the Divine Power, but my mind was another story.

    "I'm going to get a quick shut-eye."

    "Alright, get some rest...."

    While I was closing my eyes, I heard a loud sound. Like a thunder roaring through the halls.

    I quickly opened my eyes to see Yoon-Ji's red, embarrassed face.


    It's only right that she'd be hungry, especially, after all that we've been through. I mean, we've been in here for quiet a while.

    "It's right around that time to eat."

    Okay, I got myself back up to dig through my bag. I packed it enough lots of food before leaving my house.
    Unfortunately, I didn't have any hot stew to dig into. All I had was dried-foods which was easy to carry on a
    journey like this.

    Jerky, chocolate bars, energy bars, and etc.

    When I started taking bites out of my food, the others went through their bags for food and did the same. As we were chewing, I could see the other two high schoolers looking at us in hunger. I forgot that today was
    their first day here.

    I pulled some stuff out of my bag and handed it over to them.

    "Eat. You'll need it to fight."

    "T, thank you."

    They began eating.

    I looked at them for a minute, then turned my head over to Yoon-Ji. I could see that she was eating corn from a can with a spoon. To her side, Hye-Won was eating a sausage sandwich.

    It appears they had nothing on their minds as they were eating their food.

    "Why are you looking at us like that?"

    "Like what?"

    "Like you were pitying us with the way we eat."


    Yoon-Ji's eyes began to glare.

    "What was that?"

    "I'm just joking. By the way, how did you bring all that such a small bag there?"

    "What? this thing?"

    Yoon-Ji asked. Hye-Won just kept looking at me. Sigh, these young ass kids.

    "Hey, how much longer do you think we'll be stuck here?"

    "What? How am I supposed to know..."

    "You don't. What if you were stuck here for a month?"

    Yoon-Ji's face turned white from what I had just said. She still looked sexy with that look on her face, but
    this wasn't the time for all that.

    "You should've brought something that you could keep with you without having to worry about spoiling.
    That goes for you too, Hye-Won. Everything you guys brought with you will go bad within 4 days."


    Hye-Won began staring at the sandwich she was eating. Her pretty eyes were going empty.

    "Now do you understand? We even have those two over there. They didn't even bring anything since they're
    noobs. If we happened to get stuck here for a month, we'd end up die of starvation before we even beat this

    "Do you really think we'd be here for a month? We've only done this four times, you know."

    "I don't know, but you've seen how difficult it's gotten all of a sudden."

    Yoon-Ji just stared at her can of corn.

    "How many days can you get from that?"

    "at the most... three days."

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