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  1. “Alright...I’ll stay with you for the time being. Everything you’ve said up to this point is true. I’m not in a position to make excuses.”

    When it comes to life and death, worrying about what others might think or getting close to a girl like her wouldn’t matter at all.

    Having her with me works out perfectly as well. Her fire attacks are powerful and they can do long distance damage.

    “It’s almost time….come here.”

    Hye-Won came as close as she was when she lit my cigarette on fire after I had made hand gestures. She was moving as if a cat was making its seduction.

    I have no idea what the hell this girl could be thinking. But, I didn’t let it show and took my hand out to her.

    Her eyes were fixated on my hand. I ignored her gazes and placed my hand on top of her head to cast my skill.

    “Basic Recovery.”

    It lit up.

    “Basic Recovery. Basic Recovery.”

    Lights flashed again.

    “Now, try to get some rest. I’ll cast another just before we get into that room.”

    She was now looking at me with a curious look in her eyes. I wanted to know what that look was for but I didn’t let it get to me.

    “What about you, ahjusshi?”

    “What about me?”

    She was still in her cat-like position.

    “Working out.”

    I had a skill that almost instantly recovered stamina. With it, it wasn’t a problem tiring out muscles to their breaking point. Only a fool wouldn’t use this to their advantage.

    I turned my back to her gazes and left for the garden.



    Push ups, sit ups, sit downs and stand ups. They are simple workout routines, but it’s enough to make muscles grow. Thanks to my Physical Enhancement, I didn’t have a problem doing few dozens of routines with ease, but the ache was starting to pile up as the numbers got higher.

    Overworked muscles began screaming their torment at me. Even so, I stuck with my routine and kept on until I felt as if my entire body would give out.

    The weather was quite chilly. However, the heat coming off my body was enough to keep me warm.


    There we go. Now, this is the way to tear up your muscles.”

    “Basic Recovery.”

    Pahht…the pain quickly reduces. Unfortunately, there were still room for improvement.

    “Basic Recovery.”

    WIth that last one, I could feel the weight lifting off of my entire body. I went on repeating this process for 3 more hours. I worked my muscles and used Basic Recovery to heal them.

    After my little training, I could feel my muscles getting stronger. If only I could keep this up for few months….I should be able to reach the level of professional athletes.

    And if I could add on Physical Enhancement skill on top of that, I might be able to achieve some unbelievable strength. No, I absolutely need to strength like that in order to survive.

    But first.. I’ll need to keep strengthening my body by any means.

    “Pant. pant. Pant.”

    I began working out again like a maniac, only to keep tiring myself out. Hye-Won came out to the garden and just looked at me.

    “Does that work?”

    “Yes, pant.”

    “What should I be doing?”

    “You should, pant, workout your muscles, pant, so you can have more stamina and strength.”

    She nodded. She came right next to me and began doing push ups. I don’t think she’s ever worked out before. I could see her arms trembling just after 3 push ups before falling face flat.

    “Basic Recovery.”

    I used the skill on her. She nodded in response to what I had just did for her, and she began doing push ups again.

    She was able to do one more. Total of 4 now. But, every time she went down, I could see her boobs becoming more full from gravity pulling it down.

    “Basic Recovery.”

    Her push ups improved to 5. How should I say this… I think she’s getting better rather quickly. Is it because she’s never worked out before? Regardless, Hye-Won will be able to do about 10 of them at this rate.

    “Push ups aren’t the only thing you should be doing. You have to do other stuff too.”

    “Like doing sit ups?”


    “Then, come hold my legs.’


    She wants me to hold her legs?

    I grabbed her legs just as she asked me to. Originally, I was thinking about getting a chair for her, but she had to insist on me holding her legs for her to do her pitiful sit ups.

    Judging by her entire body trembling just with one sit up, it’s obvious that her body severely lacks muscle mass. I wonder if all girls are like this….

    Hye-Won just has to be on the weaker side.

    I couldn’t help but look at Hye-Won’s boobs shake as her body was trembling, struggling to make a full sit up.

    Ho? What’s up with this perverted thought I’m getting? Where is this coming from...I really need to keep my distance from her or I’m going to end up getting in trouble.

    While I was thinking, Hye-Won finished 2 sit ups and had given up on the ground.

    “Basic Heal.”

    I casted another for her and helped her increase her muscle mass.


    “You ready?”


    We got into our protective gear. She complained about her chest being too tight, but there wasn’t much foa a choice. The helmet was too bulky, so we chose not to wear it. But if you consider safety, it was a must, but right now worrying about the dangers was too important compared to being safe. We needed our view.

    It was already 1:50am.

    On my back was a hiker’s backpack and Hye-Won had one similar, but with a sleeping bag in it.

    Her backpack weighed roughly around 6kg, whereas mine was around 20kg. With everything we had in our backpacks, there was no way we’d starve to death anytime soon.

    “Even if you don’t end up where I am, try to do your best, alright?”


    I rubbed her head as she nodded.



    I found myself in that very white room after hearing her voice.

    “It’s that time again….”

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