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    Changing yourself to become a conservative,

    Is because pain is too frequent.
    By someone.

    “Hmm...working out is great, but I think I need to increase my protein intake. Wait, other nutritions too.”

    When you think about it, working out isn’t the only key to becoming stronger. You need to take right nutritions to help you build that up. I’m going to prepare some actual food when I get to the other side. Then, I’ll be working out and eating. That’ll get me stronger in no time.

    Basic Recovery really is a miracle skill. It recovers any fatigue the body has and puts the body in its top-notch condition. Using that skill and working out repeatedly will speed up my physical improvements.

    Only thing that gets in the way is the nutrition intake. Don’t I need to worry about that as well? I’ve decided to put more thought into this when I got back.

    As for the Wound Heal, I wonder what’s that like?

    It grows skin on top of its wound where the skin has separated through scarring. A divine gift.

    Could the modern medicine be rendered useless with skills like this? There’s a possibility that I won’t need nutritions when I have in Basic Recovery.

    There’s definitely a need for me to go over this later when I have some more free time. Until then, I must increase my muscle mass. Having stronger muscles lead to better stamina and endurance along with strength.

    I can get much stronger with the help of skill effects as well.

    Player : Jung Yoon-Hwan
    Ability : Lyfedearc Divine Arts LV 2 - Apprentice Warrior Mastery Lv 2 - Apprentice Warrior Shield Mastery Lv 1 - Apprentice Warrior Armor Mastery Lv 1 - Apprentice Warrior Steel Body Technique LV 1.
    Life Force Absorb LV 1. Physical Enhancement LV 3. Regeneration LV 1.
    Weapon : Lyfedearc’s Apprentice Warrior Bronze Flail
    Accessory – Necklace : Lyfedearc’s Apprenticeship Warrior Necklace
    Accessory – Bracelet : Lyfedearc’s Apprenticeship Warrior Bracelet.
    Tool : Lyfedearc’s Apprentice Warrior Holy Bag.
    Status : Fourth Test Passed
    Point : 19P

    My stats appeared on the wall, including the three skills I’ve purchased. Steel Body, Physical Enhancement, and Regeneration.
    I have a good fooling that Regeneration will come in handy. Honestly, basic properties of having a divine body has similar characteristics as Regeneration. It’s basically a skill that increases recovery in one’s body. As I’m already reaping benefits from both skills, you could say that the rate in which my body heals itself is far beyond that of a normal person.

    For an instance, a small cut would be fully healed within 2 hours. My body will stop wounds from bleeding right away and begin tissue repair.

    It may seem like Regeneration consumes my stamina, but because it uses energy from the Divine Power, it doesn’t add weight to my problems.

    This here too is a god’s gift.

    I wonder what the Goddess, Lyfedearc, is wanting from me? No, not just the goddess.

    Just what are all the Gods in this game thinking about? From what I’ve discovered earlier, gods really do exist in this plain. Maybe that’s why i can only wonder…

    Either way, my somewhat new found abilities have allowed me to reach the levels of a professional fighter. And, once I get past level 4… I should be able to acquire strength that I’ve never imagined before. Of course,
    this is when if I consistently workout.

    Fifth test
    Long-Term Survival - Varcan Mountain Range
    1P awarded for every enemy killed

    I noticed the change in text before me. Long-Term Survival? And, the Varcan Mountain Range is supposed to be the terrain?

    I don’t like the Long-Term Survival text. It bothers me. It doesn’t say how long I’m supposed to survive for. I should be at least glad that thorough preparations have been made this time around, because if we didn’t….things would be looking very dangerous right about now.

    There’s 200kg worth of supplies in the Holy Bag and another 50kg on my back. That totals to 250kg of supplies. THis should be enough...to keep us alive for 2 months.

    The white wall disappeared short after, and I could see myself in an unknown area within the mountains.
    Morning must be coming around since the sun is rising over there. It was rather soothing to see that.
    Strangely, I wasn’t afraid of the situation at hand even when I was stuck on an unknown mountain.
    I wonder where Hye-Won could be?

    “Just how long do they plan on having us survive to win this round…” I thought to myself out of frustration.

    First, I’m in the mountains. It has to be the Varcan Mountain since that’s what it said on the text earlier.

    Second, the rules are to probably survive on this mountain as long as I can. This place should be infested with countless monsters hiding in the shadows.

    Third, what should I do?

    “I should...secure the surrounding area for the time being...then, I’ll make a camp for myself.”

    I began planning things out as calmly as I could. It was actually pretty surprising to see myself so calm and acclimated to the whole situation.

    “Now…” I turned my head to look at the peak.

    “I’ll need to achieve high grounds…” They’re the best when checking the terrain. With water being source of life, I’ll move closer to a creek or a river when I find one.

    And.. if there’s a cave...I could use it as a hideout. I mean, I could take care of myself when I’m awake, but the problem is when I’m fast asleep. That’s when it gets really dangerous.

    Wait. Can I just not sleep and be active? I do have that recovery skill to help.

    Thud. Thud.

    I began taking steps towards the closest peak around me, but all the wild grass and plants weren’t making it easy to make my way through using my mace to help me in the process.

    When I got some distance, I stopped after noticing something.

    “This is….”

    There was a path. A path on a mountain could only mean one thing. There’s an intelligent form walking back and forth the same path on the ground.

    This means...something most likely lived around here...I wouldn’t even be surprised if it was a werewolf by this point. I’ve already seen Skeletons and Zombies that tried to kill me.


    “Ook Zaka!”

    “Zaka Toom!”


    I could hear something from a far. It sounded like some sort of language that I couldn’t make out yet with some strange beating sound. Are they..the aboriginals?

    I began making my way to the source of the noise.


    They were life forms which I’ve never seen before. What’s for sure right now is that they’re not human. But, they walk on two feet and have two arms just like us.

    Their bodies appeared to be very rigid and stern like that of a body-builder even though their height barely passed 160cm.

    What should I call them? These strange life-forms with a face of a wild boars were fighting against a bear with sticks and stone axes.. The bear begins to more aggressively after getting stabbed a few times.

    They continued to throw spears at the bear while trying to smash the bear with stone axes.

    Don’t tell me they expect me to survive after getting jump by those guys.

    I seem to ask myself this question quite a lot, but just who the hell made this game, huh?

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