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  1. Chapter sponsored by @ZanZus

    Life Howling, Chapter 7

    <Daily Life>

    “Those motherfuckers…”

    After gaining some distance, they turned around to get a glance at me. I had lost my words. These damn dogs….are evil!

    They ran away because they knew I’d attack them while they were on me.

    “heh….so, that’s your plan, eh?”

    But, you guys thought wrong.

    “Divine heal.”

    I took my hand to the wound, and made it light up again to reduce the pain shocking through the flesh. The Dobermans slowly approached again.

    These bastards… they’re aware that I’m healing myself? But, my two arms are still perfectly fine. Next time they come attacking, I’ll finish them off….



    I felt a sharp pain in my heel. I recklessly flailed my weapon around. and, when I came to a stop, I screamed. a Doberman with a broken shoulder had made its way to bite me on the foot. you… persistent…

    tah daht!

    suffering in the excruciating pain, I heard something running. no! the two other dogs….


    when I turned my head around, both of my arms were already bit. kek! you damned dogs!


    clink clan!

    my flail was dropped to the ground from the pain. that’s when those two dogs had my arms held down. you… you fucking dogs! do you think I’ll get done in like this!


    as I chanted under pain, I felt something warm flow into my body from the tips of the Dobermans fangs. is this the life force?


    The dogs that didn’t whimper even after getting hit by my flail were releasing their grip on me in pain.


    if I let them go here…. I could die! I’m going to…finish them right now!


    With my jaws clenched down, I gripped their body as I kept absorbing their life force into mine. in an instant, the pain in my arms began to reduce steadily while healing it in the most unconventional way possible, unlike the divine heal.

    this is… strong!

    this skill…only downside is that it’s melee, but who can argue with killing power like this?


    the heads of the Dobermans were glowing. Just like a mummy, the parts of their body where I held on to is drying out. and as so, they had released me.

    With their bodies already partially mummified…. they had difficulties moving around. Yes, there’s that old saying, that weak dogs tend to have a stronger bark.

    I glanced over at the one that had bitten my foot. He’s still there, leaving me holes to thank him for.

    I slouched over enduring the pain as much as I could, so I could pick up the blood soaked flail on the ground. It was heavy, but still managed to pick it up. Then, I swung my weapon like a machine.


    just like that, the life of the dog that was biting down on me has ended.

    I dragged my foot out of his face before glancing over to the side. Two Dobermans were shaking as they were trying to force themselves up.

    “Divine heal.”


    I took my time healing my wounds. and, kept on healing until I didn’t feel any pain at all while my eyes were locked on the dogs.

    “you guys- are just something else,” I said as I lifted up my flail.

    “Time to die now.”

    I swung the flail down killing the remaining two Dobermans.


    exhaustion filled my mind. I had survived somehow, but it was really dangerous. There was no guarantee that I could’ve won that battle if I was barehanded…

    no. If I had given up in the midst of battle, I wouldn’t have won for sure.

    I stared at my hands. as long as I can touch them… I can absorb their life force. If I didn’t have this… I would’ve been dead long ago.

    This means that I made the right choice in selecting the reward. now…what should I pick for my next reward? all battles won’t be easily won like this…


    another sound rang. When I looked up, a different set of text appeared.

    Player : Yoon-Hwan Jung
    Ability : Lyfedearc Divine Law LV 1. Absorb LV 1.
    Weapon : Flail
    Status : second test passed
    Point : 30P

    yeah… I think I know now. three dogs gave me a total of 30P? does this mean I can learn absorb 3x over?


    do I have to buy a gun? It should be easier to hunt Dobermans with a weapon like that. No… guns run out of bullets.

    reward search.
    required time 1 hour.

    the text changed while I was lost in thoughts. yeah, so I’m running on limited amount of time again, huh? I understand. I really do. what else can I do?

    I’m the one in danger right now, aren’t i? that’s what it is. When will all this finish? How did I end up here? what’s the reason for me being here?

    damn it. I don’t know what’s going on you fucking bastards!

    ha. hahaha. doesn’t matter how much I yell in my head or through my mouth, it doesn’t change anything.

    I don’t know who in the hell decided to make a fucked up situation like this. They probably don’t even care about what I’m going through.

    okay, now should I do?

    they’re only going to keep on coming. Aren’t they? What are the skills I can use?

    The Divine Law and Absorb. Both of these are not long-ranged. They’re all melee.

    “The problem started…with acquiring the Divine Law.” That’s what started it all of this nonsense. Because I have this…what other abilities could be tied to it?

    Defensive items? or, weapons? flails are… rather a hassle to use.

    “no, wait. wait a minute. I think something’s coming to mind…”


    a lightning flashed inside my head. I wonder… if they have it?

    “flail arts.”

    with my comment, the text changed.

    reward search

    chiu’s ten thousand fragment flail – 1,000,000P
    count valerian’s flail knight style – 20P
    flail arts 18 styles of countering – 10P
    flail arts 24 styles of countering – 10P
    infantry martial arts flail piece – 10P
    flail score – 10P
    England flail fighting style – 10P

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